LangChain x Seattle Meetup

Thanks to all 200+ of you who made it to the first LangChain x Seattle Meetup!

Awesome demos from:

  1. Jared Roesch: Leveraging Open Source LLMs hosted on OctoML
  2. Harrison Chase: New Semantic / Keyword Search functionality built directly into LangChain
  3. Justin Uberti: Build and deploy LLM-based agents using
  4. Skye Scofield: Online experimentation of LLMs using Statsig
  5. Dhruv Singh: First job created/replaced by LLMs are Prompt Engineers using HoneyHive
  6. Rajat Arya: Managing and collaborating on models and data sets with XetData
  7. Jeremy Tryba: Generative AI to create Games and Media with Charmed
  8. Jon Lam: Q&A System using LangChain
  9. Thomas Crosley: Personalizing Generative AI applications
  10. Sean Blagsvedt: Building Low Code workflows using Gooey.AI
  11. David Qiu: Generative AI extensions built into Jupyter Notebooks

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